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In order to be certain that your work unit is totally safe from fire explosions, we also provide passive fire protection services. We fire proof the valve actuators to prevent the main unit from catching fire. One of our passive fire protection services is the Blanket Type Fire Proofing for Valves/ Actuators.
Supremex is the authorised distributor of Prometheus SRL, Italy.

Blanket Type Fire Proofing – The Structure

A practical and safe way of eliminating the possibilities of a disaster in your work station is passive fire protection using fire proofing blankets.
Our fire proofing blankets come with layers of thermally insulated fabric. The final exterior layer is made up of technical fabric that can even withstand hydrocarbon flames. We install these fire jackets around the valves/ actuators of the tanks using straps and belts that can withstand very high temperatures.
The outermost fabric layer is further covered with a protective skin that safeguards the unit from weather changes, UV rays or even destructive chemicals. No matter what the damaging agent is, our fire jackets prevent fires from erupting in the main units. Even if the fires do erupt in some cases, our mechanism ensures that it does not spread to the other structures in the unit.
Installing and uninstalling these jackets is also very easy. Thus, you can do it on your own without the need of any assistance.
We know that fire hazards can cause severe losses to your work station. That is why we have such an intricately designed structure which helps us ensure that the people and the resources at your work station are protected from any sort of explosive fire hazards.

The Supremex Quality Assurance

Our Research and Development team works for prolonged time periods to create the perfect fire proofing blankets. They experiment with various options and choose only the most effective materials to design the fire jackets for your unit.
Our quality assurance also includes creating products of your liking. That is why we even provide customisation options for the fabric colour of the fire jackets. We make them according to your brand’s image.
After such thorough designing, we also pass the equipment through various extensive tests in order to be sure of their quality. Since you trust us with your lives, we make sure that our products are flawless and would protect you whenever required.

The blankets we create to fire proof the valves and actuators in your unit are strong enough to perform in severe situations like:

  • Pool Fire - 1100 °C - in accordance with UL 1709 specifications and Hydrocarbon Fire
  • Jet Fire - 1350 °C - in accordance with OTI 95634 specifications and ISO 22899-1
  • Blast generating overpressure of 2.9 bars.
The capacity of our products to withstand the impacts of such critical conditions provide the assurance of their quality. We think of ourselves as your protectors from all kinds of fire hazards and that is why we assure to make products that would guard you whenever needed.
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