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Fire proofing of valves and actuators is a very effective way of carrying out passive fire protection for your work station. Fire proofed actuators and valves protect the main unit carrying highly inflammable substances like oil and gas. Even if the valves do catch a fire, the proofing ensures that the main unit is secured. Thus, they protect your work station from severe fire massacres.

Supremex is the authorised distributor of Prometheus SRL, Italy.

Box Type fire proofing for actuators is one of the popular and proficient methods for passive fire protection.

Box Type Fire Proofing – The Structure

Fire proofing of valves and actuators in using the box type fire proofing system is especially effective if your work station is in particularly hostile environments like deserts or low temperature high pressure areas, etc. We understand how dangerous an oil and gas plant can be in such areas. That is the reason why we intricately design fire proofing boxes which would protect you against severe fire hazards.
The structure of these boxes consists of panels made with a fastening system. This makes them durable and easy to install without any technical assistance. The panels are connected to each other using captive screws. We make use of such connections in order to ensure that you don’t end up losing components while dismantling the box. The structure is covered with a heat-resistant layer which makes the box air-tight. Even if a fire erupts, this air-tight sealing does not let it enter the main unit.
Fire proofing for actuators and valves using such boxes helps us provide you with more convenient services. Boxes are easy to remove and re-install whenever the unit needs servicing. While this is not possible in the case of moulded-on coatings used for fire protection.
The Supremex Quality Assurance
Fire hazards in oil and gas plants lead to gravely destructive situations. We need to assure that our clients never have to face such a situation. That is why we make proper fire safety provisions for saving their lives, resources and production.
Our total work focus leads towards complete quality assurance of all our products. That is the reason why all the Supremex box type products used for fire proofing of valves and actuators are created only after thorough research and development. Post production, these boxes undergo extensive testing which ensures that they are 100% efficient.
All our box type fire proofing products have successfully performed under extremely hazardous situations like the following:
  • Pool Fire - 1100 °C - in accordance with UL 1709 specifications and Hydrocarbon Fire
  • Jet Fire - 1350 °C - in accordance with OTI 95634 specifications and ISO 22899-1
  • Blast generating overpressure of 2.9 bars.

With such results, the Supremex products display their quality assurance. When using our fire proofing products, you can be completely tension-free. Our products always perform without fail and ensure to save the lives and resources at your working unit which, in turn, save your time and energy.
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