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At Supremex, we believe in providing top-notch passive fire protection services to our clients which are designed to perfection according to their requirements. That is why we have come up with a third type of system as well for fire proofing for actuators and valves. The clients who are not comfortable with box type or blanket type passive fire protection system can choose the hybrid fire protection system.

Supremex is the authorised distributor of Prometheus SRL, Italy.

Hybrid Type Fire Proofing – The Structure

We always work towards innovation and technology to develop products that are the perfect match for our clients. We help them fire proof their valves and actuators in a way that is flawless and can protect the main unit against hazards any day. The fire proofed valves don’t let the fire enter the unit carrying oil or gas which safeguards your work unit against all types of severe fire damages.

In the hybrid type fire protection system, we combine the flexibility and rigidity of the box type and blanket type fire protection system. Thus, you get a supreme mechanism which is much stauncher in combating fire and is also extremely convenient to use when compared to the other two fire protection systems.

We want nothing but safety for the lives and resources in your work unit. That is why the final structure of the fire proofing system of the hybrid type is designed based on your work station. We inspect the client details and design the structure based on individual requirements.

The Supremex Quality Assurance

All the services at Supremex are premium and so is the case with hybrid type system for fire proofing for actuators and valves as well. We provide premium quality designs which can also be optimised to fit the space of your work unit.

Our hybrid type fire proofing system perform robustly in the following critical situations as
- Pool Fire - 1100 °C - in accordance with UL 1709 specifications and Hydrocarbon Fire
- Jet Fire - 1350 °C - in accordance with OTI 95634 specifications and ISO 22899-1
- Blast generating overpressure of 2.9 bars.
Such strong systems which can perform efficiently in all situations help us protect you every single time. Before installing these systems in your work unit, we test them thoroughly under various hazardous situations to assure their efficiency. This allows us to be there at your service and protect the lives and resources at your unit efficiently.

Apart from the other benefits provided by the blanket type and box type fire proofing systems, there are extra benefits of using this system as well. Our intricately designed hybrid type fire protection system not only protects the main unit of your site from thermal damage but also from physical damage. Thus, we make provisions to completely minimise the possibility of a fire erupting on your site.

Our services are always safety-based first and then profit based. So, you can be assured that
your safety is in responsible hands.
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